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How many times have you heard, just take this little pill and your weight problems are over? I am sick of this garbage everywhere on the internet. That is exactly why I started two different weight loss websites for the truth! I have also struggled with weight issues in my life. That is why doing the right thing for people is so important. What are the best diet products and how do we know they actually work? You dont!!!!!!!!! That is exactly the point!

On this website we stick to the facts. FDA approved yes, works to help you lose weight yes, creates a healthier body yes! I dont spend time updating this site so I can lie and play tricks on people who need to lose weight. It is much easier to let consumers know about good products versus bad weightloss products.

Quality Weight Loss Products

These are not that hard to find if you know how to ask the right questions.  Believe me, there is a review for just about any diet pill or weight loss remedie you can think of. Most of these are designed to sell affiliate products and not real unbiased product reviews. Why are diet pills work to lose weight? Because we dont advertise junk that is just available to rip off needy consumers.

Each couple of weeks we evealuate the best weight loss pills on the market and read independent reviews. We then use our scoring system to rank these diet products form best to still pretty good. We purposely omit junk products because there is no need to even evaluate them.

Our goal is to provide you with what weight loss pills really work and help you make an educated decision. Use our rating system to decide what will work for you. There is no pushy salesman, just information to make a good qaulity choice reagarding weight loss and which pills work the best.

The Choice Is Yours

Take our word for it or go on taking chances with fake reviews and testimonials. We change our top 3 best fat burners on a regular basis. You can always get up to date weight loss information and even diet trends here. We are proud to serve you and thanks for visiting " My Safe Effective Diet" while looking for what weight loss products reallly work.

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0 Herbalife Products Review For Weight Loss

My Herbalife Products Review

We are trying to start a trend here at "My Safe Effective Diet" where people can look up a weight loss product and get real information that is useful. Along those lines., we decided that Herbalife, being such a well known brand, was worth a little investigating. Herbalife has a large variety of products and not each one is soley designed to help people lose weight. We will try to focus on those which are best suited for our target audience.

The Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake

This is more intended for food replacement verus a product which burns calories. Every shake contains 19 vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet plan. These shakes come in a large variety of amazing flavors for you to choose from. If you were to use these in place of your larger meals each day, you are sure to cut off a few pounds over time while staying healthy and safe. We like that idea. It just makes sense.

Learn what weight loss programs really work!

The Advanced Weight Loss Program

This is more of an all in one package designed for those who want to lose weight and still eat decent food. This includes tablets to help your body absorb important nutrients while supporting natural detoxification and removing uneeded water retention. The herbal tea will help improve your metabolism and burn some fat at the same time.

The Herbalife Snack Defense Pills

Snack defense pills are more of an appetite supressor which will help reduce cravings before and after regular meals. These could help you meet some of your weight loss goals just by keeping you from eating when your body does not require it. Additional benefits are stabalizing sugar levels and a good source of Chromium.


I have to say, it is hard to find anything specifically wrong or misleading about these diet products from Herbalife. The problem I see is that the over-all effectiveness is lacking. If you could add these to your current arsenal then they may be well worth it just for the added health benefits. We wont add this to our top 3 at this time. A quality product but just not enough bang for the buck when it comes down to it! We, as most of our audience are concerned with serious weight loss and the products rated here fall more under the heading of extreme weight loss remedies versus casual.

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0 HCG What Is It? Does It Help With Weightloss?

What Is HCG For Weight Loss

This is basically a glycoprotien hormone which occurs during pergnancy,  There are several weightloss companies and internet websites which have attempted to capitalize on HCG and use it for an endoresment for a dietary aid. Somehow this naturally occurring hormone has been linked to weight loss but the real truth has been hidden for the sake of diet pill sales. Let's get to the truth behind what HCG really is!

The HCG diet is merely just another attempt at using a medical term to sell weightloss products. According to Wikipedia and related studies, The plan using the HCG diet is to consume 500 to 550 calories per day. This is very close to one quarter of what the FDA considers a normal level of calorie consumption daily for adults.

I can only surmize that if you were to eat 1/4 of what is recommended for the average adult on a daily basis, you will lose weight. Now, is this idea safe for dieting? Furthermore. the studies show that those who used HCG to burn fat and lose weight did not have their appetite surpressed in any way. This alone is a big part of successful dieting. Most who need to lose weight are hungry or eat out of boredom. Apparently this product will do nothing for your body to change those urges.

HCG Review Results

This doesn't look good for those who are considering trying an HCG diet plan. Of course we all want something that works and this just doesn't fit the bill. I would like nothing more then to promote an effective diet product such as HCG if it actually worked and had positive results. So far, I cannot find any real life testimonials about HCG that are worth publishing.

Until we get more feedback, I would steer clear of this weightloss remedy. It may sound good but there is absolutely no facts to back up how effective this product is for weightloss. We do recommend you take a look at our top 3 if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off. I know you are, so make sure to evaluate our top picks and decide for yourself if these products to lose weight may work for you!

I really dislike it when companies try to profit off of dis-information! This hormone whether isolated or not, was never meant to be a weight loss drug. The fact that so many companies are attempting to sell it as such is very disturbing to say the least. We are a family of three websites which focus on delivering the truth about dietary aids and weight loss supplements. Stick with us to get the truth about what works for losing weight and avoid those sites which are only out to earn a buck, even scamming people if that's what it takes. We have you covered!

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