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My Herbalife Products Review

We are trying to start a trend here at "My Safe Effective Diet" where people can look up a weight loss product and get real information that is useful. Along those lines., we decided that Herbalife, being such a well known brand, was worth a little investigating. Herbalife has a large variety of products and not each one is soley designed to help people lose weight. We will try to focus on those which are best suited for our target audience.

The Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake

This is more intended for food replacement verus a product which burns calories. Every shake contains 19 vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet plan. These shakes come in a large variety of amazing flavors for you to choose from. If you were to use these in place of your larger meals each day, you are sure to cut off a few pounds over time while staying healthy and safe. We like that idea. It just makes sense.

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The Advanced Weight Loss Program

This is more of an all in one package designed for those who want to lose weight and still eat decent food. This includes tablets to help your body absorb important nutrients while supporting natural detoxification and removing uneeded water retention. The herbal tea will help improve your metabolism and burn some fat at the same time.

The Herbalife Snack Defense Pills

Snack defense pills are more of an appetite supressor which will help reduce cravings before and after regular meals. These could help you meet some of your weight loss goals just by keeping you from eating when your body does not require it. Additional benefits are stabalizing sugar levels and a good source of Chromium.


I have to say, it is hard to find anything specifically wrong or misleading about these diet products from Herbalife. The problem I see is that the over-all effectiveness is lacking. If you could add these to your current arsenal then they may be well worth it just for the added health benefits. We wont add this to our top 3 at this time. A quality product but just not enough bang for the buck when it comes down to it! We, as most of our audience are concerned with serious weight loss and the products rated here fall more under the heading of extreme weight loss remedies versus casual.

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